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1965 / Present


Scorpions is a rock band from Hannover, Germany that was formed in 1965. Internationally acclaimed for their 1984 rock anthem "Rock You Like a Hurricane" as well as other popular singles such as "Big City Nights", "No One Like You", "Send Me an Angel", "Still Loving You", and "Wind of Change", the band has sold over 100 million records worldwide. Along with metal contemporaries such as Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Metallica, Whitesnake, and others, Scorpions is one of the most successful acts in heavy metal and hard rock in history as well as, by far, the most successful German rock band in the U.K. and the U.S.

Rudolf Schenker, the band's rhythm guitarist, once explained in an interview with Songfacts that: "In the beginning of our career, we had a problem in Germany because nobody expects a German band to play rock music. With rock music, there are more bands from England or America, which are more exotic than the Scorpions, who are from Germany. But when we went to America in '79, we became the exotic ones. They said, 'Hey, what kind of crazy guys are these?' We were already exotic, with a different view, and we also play our Rock music with a little bit of an ethnic touch. You'll notice that Americans come from the blues side, whereas we come from the classical side, which is different."

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Rudolf Schenker
since 1965 Background vocals, Guitar
Matthias Jabs
since 1979 Background vocals, Guitar
Paweł Mąciwoda
since 2004 Background vocals, Bass
Francis Buchholz
since 1973 till 1992 Background vocals, Bass
Herman Rarebell
since 1977 till 1996 Background vocals, Percussion, Drum set
Klaus Meine
since 1969 Lead vocal
Ralph Rieckermann
since 1993 till 2002 Background vocals, Bass
James Kottak
since 1996 till 2016 Drum set
Wolfgang Dziony
since 1965 till 1973 Background vocals, Percussion, Drum set
Uli Jon Roth
since 1973 till 1978 Background vocals, Guitar, Lead vocal
Karl-Heinz Vollmer
since 1965 till 1970 Background vocals, Guitar
Lothar Heimberg
since 1968 till 1973 Background vocals, Bass
Michael Schenker
since 1969 till 1973 Background vocals, Guitar
since 1978 till 1979 Guitar, Background vocals
Mikkey Dee
since 2016 Drum set
Rudy Lenners
since 1975 till 1977 Percussion, Drum set
Hans‐Jürgen Rosenthal
since 1973 till 1975 Drum set, Background vocals, Percussion
Joachim Kirchhoff
since 1965 till 1968
Achim Kirschning
since 1973 till 1974 Keyboard
Barry Sparks
since 2004 till 2004 Bass
Joe Wyman
since 1977 till 1977 Percussion, Drum set
Ingo Powitzer
since 2004 till 2004 Background vocals, Bass
Ken Taylor
since 2000 till 2000 Background vocals, Bass
Curt Cress
since 1996 till 1996 Percussion, Drum set
Johan Franzon
since 2014 till 2014 Drum set
Werner Löhr
since 1972 till 1972 Unknown

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07 Nov 2016, 14:25
Это музыка моей молодости. Как дашь через колонки С-90 скорпионские баллады. С этим ничто не сравнится. Сейчас цифровой звук немножко не то:)
07 Nov 2016, 15:58
Я даже на концерт этой группы ездил в Германию Я был их фанатом, Группа Scorpions одна из лучших.
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