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About the musical social network "MusicHearts"

A bit of history

The first version of the music social network "MusicHearts" was launched in 2016. The target of the project was the idea to unite music lovers, musicians, its performers, to give a lot of useful information to both, and convenient tools for the hobby of the first and the work of the second.

At first, the project existed in test mode, in fact, it was constantly developed and collected feedback. We have registered users left feedback, we ourselves came up with something, we saw that it would be nice to change. But the architecture of the project was not designed for a large expansion. We decided to temporarily close the project and completely rewrite it, laying the foundations for future development. We rewrote everything, implemented everything that was possible before, and also invented and made a lot of new things. And also, which is one of the most important things for us - they created an architecture that will allow us change, grow, develop and keep up with the times. We decided not to stop only at the Russian-speaking audience, but to go further. After all, the language of music is universal.

On April 6, 2022, MusicHearts was relaunched after a complete overhaul.


The audience of the project is people who care about music. Someone composes it, someone plays it, someone just listens and it helps him in life. Concert goers, musicians, venue owners, music lesson teachers, and many others, all of them, people connected in one way or another with music. .

Why do I need it?

We will list a short list of what MusicHearts will give you right now.

1. Ability to find people by interests. Not unique? Yes. But still.
2. Find out music and near-music news and other information. And if you are a musician or just well aware of music news (and not only) man - then share them with the MusicHearts community.
3. Search and attend concerts of your favorite artists.
4. An opportunity to explore our music encyclopedia (constantly expanding). Learn new facts, find similar bands to the ones you love, etc.
5. Search, remember, listen to online radio from our catalog.
6. Communicate. Anywhere and everywhere. On any page of MusicHearts in a special chat of this page, as well as in private messages.

If you are interested in any of the above - .