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Fleetwood Mac is a British and American rock band formed in 1967. From the band's inception through the end of 1974, no incarnation of Fleetwood Mac lasted longer than two years, but all featured core members Mick Fleetwood and John McVie. Their two most successful periods have been during the late 60s British blues boom, when they were led by guitarist/singer-songwriter Peter Green, and from 1975 to 1987, when they went a pop-oriented direction with musicians Christine McVie, Lindsey Buckingham, and Stevie Nicks.

The band enjoyed more modest success in the intervening period between 1971 and 1974, with a line-up that included Bob Welch, and also during the 90s, which saw more personnel changes before the return of Nicks and Buckingham in 1997. More recently, the departure of Christine McVie from Fleetwood Mac in 1998 shifted around the group's plans for many years. McVie returned to the fold in 2014 and a coming tour featuring the reunited line-up is in the works.

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Mick Fleetwood
since 1967 Guitar, lib/muslib/membership_type_561, Percussion, Drum set
John McVie
since 1967 Background vocals, Bass
Christine McVie
since 1970 till 1998 Keyboard, Accordion, Lead vocal
Stevie Nicks
since 1975 till 1990 Lead vocal
since 1997 Lead vocal, Keyboard
Lindsey Buckingham
since 1975 till 1987 Piano, Lead vocal, Guitar, Keyboard, Percussion
since 1997 till 2018 Keyboard, Lead vocal, Percussion, Piano, Guitar
Brett Tuggle
since 1997 till 2018 Guitar, Keyboard
Billy Burnette
since 1987 till 1995 Lead vocal, Guitar
Neale Heywood
since 1997 till 2003 Guitar
since 2013 Guitar
Peter Green
since 1967 till 1971 Lead vocal, Harmonica, Guitar
Bob Welch
since 1971 till 1975 Guitar, Lead vocal
Rick Vito
since 1987 till 1991 Lead vocal, Guitar
Jeremy Spencer
since 1967 till 1971 Piano, Guitar, Lead vocal
Danny Kirwan
since 1968 till 1972 Lead vocal, Guitar
Dave Mason
since 1993 till 1996 Lead vocal, Guitar
Mike Campbell
since 2018 Unknown
Neil Finn
since 2018 Unknown
Bekka Bramlett
since 1993 till 1995 Lead vocal
Bob Weston
since 1972 till 1973 Lead vocal, Guitar
Dave Walker
since 1972 till 1973 Lead vocal, Harmonica
Bob Brunning
since 1967 till 1967 Bass
Taku Hirano
since 2003 till 2003 Percussion
Lenny Castro
since 1997 till 1997 Percussion
Nigel Watson
Ray Lindsey
since 1979 till 1979 Guitar
Bobby Hunt
since 1974 till 1974 Keyboard
Doug Graves
since 1974 till 1974 Keyboard
Tony Todaro
since 1979 till 1979 Percussion
Jeffery Sova
since 1979 till 1979 Keyboard
Carlos Rios
since 2003 till 2003 Guitar

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