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New Zealand
27 May 1958


Neil Finn is a singer and songwriter and one of Te Awamutu, New Zealand's foremost musicians. Along with his brother Tim Finn, he was the co-frontman for Split Enz and is now the frontman for Crowded House. He has also recorded several successful solo albums, recorded two albums with his brother as the Finn Brothers, and assembled diverse musicians for the 7 Worlds Collide projects.

Finn is said to have decided to become a musician at the age of 12 and throughout his school years performed in hospitals and prisons, as well as at home gatherings. In 1976 he formed a group known as After Hours with Mark Hough, Geoff Chunn and Alan Brown. The following year, in 1977, Finn was invited to London to join Split Enz, the band formed by his elder brother, Tim Finn. Split Enz broke up in 1984 and Neil Finn formed a new band, Crowded House, with several other Australian and New Zealand musicians.

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Split Enz
since 1977 Unknown
Fleetwood Mac
since 2018 Unknown

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