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02 Mar 1962


Jon Bon Jovi was born on March 2, 1962 in Perth Amboy, New Jersey, USA as John Francis Bongiovi Jr.. His creative perspective of the world around him was viewed by many as they titled Him a "rebel"..Knowing that many looked upon Him as a "non-comformest" He began as he grew older that the one thing in His life that understood Him and that He understood was Music. ..and this became His "Safe Place".. As the years past and He grew into the Music and the Music grew into Him..He came to grips of the Music's respectability..This road he choose to learn His Life Lessons was not an easy one. Bad life choices was made..lessons to be learned and their profound responsibility for making those choices became a very personal lesson to him. Has He grew in "Music" and character He became unafraid to expose His soul through His music. ..Now married with Children..relationships with Family and Friends (including long lasting relationships with his band members) have become the priorities and to do what ever He can to Help those that need it. His Family has made many sacrifices so the Jon can do what He share His music...I first meet Jon on the Board walk in Seaside Heights, New Jersey with Richie...over 30 years ago...I have watched Him grow...both as a Man...A Dad..Musician and a Humanitarian..His Music reflects the Times...The Dreams..The Struggle..And Beacuse You Can..emotions....


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