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Reviews of Out of the Cellar'1984 album

Out of the Cellar

A. Melikhov
12 November

By releasing their first album Out of the Cellar Out of the Cellar Ratt they made such a great start for themselves that they could not even dream of. Triple platinum in the US (taken in 1991), #7 on the Billboard 200 and a huge fan base. The secret behind the success that singled out Ratt glam crews and placed them on a stepping stone to Mötley Crüe Motley Crue, Twisted Sister Twisted Sister, Quiet Riot Quiet Riot, Hanoi Rocks, KIX Kix, KISS KISS was that the album didn't feel like a debut album or low-grade. It was a mature, well-produced album with good sound and great material.

Instantly catchy tunes have given the world many hits: Wanted Man, Round and Round, Lack of Communication, Back for More . But the great thing about this album is that if these hits were removed from it, we would also write and talk about it but using other songs talking about hits: You're in Trouble, She Wants Money, I'm Insane for example. The fact is that this album is completely hit. All songs are powerful, memorable, driving, after any of them you will sing along to them all day long. Moderately heavy and energetic Out of the Cellar is one of those albums that you need to get acquainted with glam rock '80 ​​and one of those albums that you will turn on with desire from time to time "Something familiar that you can listen to without flipping through the tracks"