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Multiple artists exist by this name. 1) Kix is an American hard rock band, being best known for the popular singles "Blow My Fuse", "Cold Blood", and "Don't Close Your Eyes". Carving out a nice niche in the booming 80s glam metal movement yet being bitten on the backside hard by record company games, the guys originally called themselves "The Shooze" before changing that to "The Generators" (and, for a couple of weeks, "The Baltimore Cocks") before settling on "Kix". The Baltimore-based band garnered quite a reputation for themselves as one of Maryland's most exciting live cover bands prior to signing to Atlantic Records in 1981. Led by frontman Steve Whiteman and creative mastermind/bassist Donnie Purnell, the band rounded itself out by taking in drummer Jimmy Chalfant as well as guitarists Ronnie Younkins (nicknamed "10/10") and Brian "Damage" Forsythe.

The band hit the ground running after their 1978 formation. Playing the club circuit six nights a week for three straight years or so resulted in the band cultivating a huge local fan base and finally led to a contract with the Time Warner affiliate. Releasing their self-titled debut in 1981, the band showed off a desire to mix tongue-in-cheek humor with bombastic riffs and take influence from a wide variety of past influences in hard rock, punk music, and other styles. Kix's playlists featured what were to become live favorites such as "Atomic Bombs", the glorious "Yeah, Yeah, Yeah", and "The Kid". To support the release, the quintet set out to hit every club up and down the East Coast. Although often viewed as a part of the booming 80s heavy music scene, the guys featured more of a brash style reminiscent of AC/DC that mixed a tough attitude with catchy hooks, carving a nice niche for themselves.

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Donnie Purnell
since 1977 till 1996 Bass
Mike Slamer
since 1985 till 1985 Guitar
Jimi K. Bones
till 1994 Guitar
Brad Divens
till 1983 Guitar
Pat DeMent
till 1996 Guitar
Donnie Spence
till 1979 Drum set
Paul Chalfant
since 1995 till 1995 lib/muslib/membership_type_87
Steve Whiteman
Lead vocal
Anton Fig
since 1985 till 1985 Drum set

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