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The J. Geils Band was an American music group from Worcester, Massachusetts, USA that had a successful blues-rock/R&B-influenced sound in the 1970s, before moving towards a more pop-influenced sound in the 1980s, which brought them MTV airplay and their 1982 international hit single "Centerfold".

The band started as an acoustic blues trio in the mid 1960s with singer and guitarist J. Geils (born February 20, 1946; died April 10, 2017), bassist Danny Klein (Dr. Funk) and harpist Richard Salwitz (stage name Magic Dick). The band formed under the name Snoopy and the Sopwith Camels while Geils was attending Worcester Polytechnic Institute for a couple of semesters. In 1967 the band switched focus, starting to play electric guitar and bass and recruiting drummer Stephen Jo Bladd and fast-talking ex-disc jockey singer Peter Wolf, born Peter Blankenfeld, both from Boston. The following year Seth Justman joined as an organist, and the group signed to Atlantic Records in 1970.

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Magic Dick
since 1967 till 1985 Unknown
since 2009 till 2015 Unknown
Jay Geils
since 1967 till 1985 Unknown
since 2009 till 2012 Unknown
Danny Klein
since 1967 till 1985 Bass
since 2009 till 2015 Bass
Seth Justman
since 1968 till 1985 Unknown
since 2009 till 2015 Unknown
Peter Wolf
since 1967 till 1983 Unknown
since 2009 till 2015 Unknown
Stephen Bladd
since 1967 till 1985 Unknown

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