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Tesla is an American hard rock band originating from Sacramento, California. The band formed in 1984 as City Kidd and was renamed to Tesla during the recording of their first album on the advice of their manager. According to the Love Song Songfacts, their name (and the inspiration for some songs) comes from Nikola Tesla, the legendary scientist and inventor who quite possibly is single-handedly responsible for the "mad scientist" trope. Originally, the group included Jeff Keith (vocals), Frank Hannon (guitar), Tommy Skeoch (guitar), Brian Wheat (bass) and Troy Luccketta (drums). In 2006, Skeoch was replaced by Dave Rude, who is now an official member of the band.

Tesla's music fit well with the blasting sounds of their 80s hair metal and glam rock contemporaries. Yet it was more bluesy and lyrics dealt with other themes than just the usual, girls, alcohol and violence. But what set them even more apart from their contemporaries was their t-shirt and jeans image, a 'street' look reminiscent of the Ramones (and other 70s punk groups) that was in strong contrast of the leather, spandex, and flashy-make type look of the time.

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Frank Hannon
since 1981 till 1996 Electric guitar
since 2000 Electric guitar
Brian Wheat
since 1981 till 1996 Bass
since 2000 Bass
Troy Luccketta
since 1984 till 1996 Drum set
since 2000 Drum set
Tommy Skeoch
since 1984 till 1995 Electric guitar
since 2000 till 2006 Electric guitar
Jeff Keith
since 1984 till 1986 Lead vocal
since 2000 Lead vocal
Dave Rude
since 2006 Electric guitar

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