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Jefferson Airplane was a psychedelic rock group formed in San Francisco. It was the first of several Bay Area psychedelic groups of the 1960s to become internationally known. The band was founded by singer Marty Balin and guitarist Paul Kantner in 1965. With the addition of Signe Anderson, their male-female singing style showed their folk music roots plus Balin's love of R&B singing styles. In fact their dual lead vocals were a hallmark of their sound throughout the Airplane's career, as confirmed (to international acclaim) after Grace Slick replaced Signe Anderson as the female singer. The other members of the band were guitarist Jorma Kaukonen, bassist Jack Casady and drummer Alexander "Skip" Spence.

After the release of their first studio album, Takes Off (only released in the USA), Anderson and Spence left the band. They were replaced by Grace Slick and Spencer Dryden, respectively. Grace Slick brought with her an amazing voice, attitude and two songs from her former band The Great Society. Both songs, "Somebody to Love" and "White Rabbit", received much airplay and helped make the band's second album Surrealistic Pillow a big seller, and also to pretty much define San Francisco's "Summer of Love" zeitgeist, just as the psychedelic era was coming into full bloom.

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Jorma Kaukonen
since 1965 till 1973
since 1989 till 1989 Unknown
Paul Kantner
since 1965 till 1972
since 1989 till 1989 Unknown
Jack Casady
since 1965 till 1972 Unknown
since 1989 till 1989 Unknown
Grace Slick
since 1966 till 1972 Unknown
since 1989 till 1989 Unknown
Marty Balin
since 1965 till 1971
since 1989 till 1989 Unknown
Spencer Dryden
since 1966 till 1970 Unknown
Papa John Creach
since 1970 till 1972 Unknown
since 1989 till 1989 Unknown
Joey Covington
since 1970 till 1972 Unknown
Alexander “Skip” Spence
since 1965 till 1966 Unknown
Signe Toly Anderson
since 1965 till 1966
David Freiberg
since 1972 till 1972 Unknown
John Barbata
since 1972 till 1972 Unknown
Bob Harvey
since 1965 till 1965 Bass
Jerry Peloquin
since 1965 till 1965

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