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Bang Tango

1987 / Present
United States United States

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Band Bang Tango



Although Bang Tango was often lumped in with the whole 80s glam metal movement (their deliberate 'pretty boy' looks and the fact that they hailed from Los Angeles, CA made it inevitable in their view), the hard rock quintet was one of the few L.A. metal groups to incorporate funk rockinto its sound, happening some time before the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Faith No More made it somewhat trendy to do so. Perhaps best known for their arena-ready tune "Someone Like You", the band's lineup consisted of Joe Lesté (vocals), Kyle Stevens (guitar), Mark Knight (guitar), Kyle Kyle (bass), and Tigg Ketler (drums), and the budding group gained the interest of MCA Records shortly after the quintet issued the in-concert recording 'Live Injection' in 1987. Their major-label debut, 'Psycho Café', was issued in 1989.

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Mark Tremalgo (guitar)
Joe Lesté (lead vocals)
1986 - Present

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