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03 Apr 1968


Sebastian Bach (born Sebastian Philip Bierk in the Bahamas on April 3, 1968) is an American hard rock vocalist that has been in several groups. Despite rumors to the contrary, his legal last name is still "Bierk" and not "Bach." He has played in numerous unknown and short-lived bands (e.g. Herrenvolk, Madam X, V05 and Kid Wikkid), but his destiny changed when he received a demo from Skid Row in 1987. The group signed for Atlantic Records and released their self-titled debut album in 1989. Meeting with huge success, Bach served as the frontman in Skid Row until he was dismissed in 1995.

In 1996, Bach formed a rock supergroup, the Last Hard Men, with Frogs guitarist Jimmy Flemion, The Breeders lead guitarist Kelley Deal, and The Smashing Pumpkins drummer Jimmy Chamberlin. The group recorded a full-length, self-titled album for Atlantic Records, who then optioned not to release it. In 1998, it was released on Kelley Deal's label, Nice Records, with no fanfare and a very limited pressing of 1000 CDs, which may have been sold via mail order only.

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Member of

Skid Row
since 1987 till 1997 Lead vocal

Supporting by

Bobby Jarzombek
since 2005 Drum set
Paul Crook
since 1999 till 2004 Electric guitar
Richie Scarlet
since 1998 till 2002 Electric guitar
Steve DiGiorgio
since 2004 till 2007 Bass
Mike Chlasciak
since 2005 till 2008 Electric guitar
Anton Fig
since 1998 till 2000 Drum set
Ralph Santolla
since 2004 till 2005 Electric guitar
Robbie Crane
since 2018 till 2018 Bass

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