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1986 / Present


There are at least two artists with this name:

1) An American heavy rock band founded in 1986 formerly fronted by Sebastian Bach. They legally bought the name Skid Row from the Irish band of the same name.

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Rachel Bolan
since 1986 Bass
Dave “The Snake” Sabo
since 1986 Guitar
Scotti Hill
since 1987 Guitar
Johnny Solinger
since 1999 till 2015 Lead vocal
Rob Hammersmith
since 2010 Drum set
Rob Affuso
since 1987 till 1998 Drum set
Sebastian Bach
since 1987 till 1997 Lead vocal
ZP Theart
since 2016 Lead vocal
Dave Gara
since 2004 till 2010 Drum set
Phil Varone
since 1999 till 2004 Drum set
Jim Yuhas
since 1986 till 1987 Guitar
Charlie Mills
since 1986 till 1987 Drum set
John Ratkowski, Jr.
since 1986 till 1987 Drum set
Matt Fallon
since 1986 till 1987 Lead vocal
Shawn Mars
since 1997 till 1998 Lead vocal
Steve Brotherton
since 1986 till 1986 Guitar
Kurtis Jackson
since 1986 till 1986 Guitar
Cody Howell
since 1986 till 1986 Bass
Timothy DiDuro
since 2004 till 2004 Drum set
Rob Halford
lib/muslib/membership_type_1, Lead vocal
Tony Harnell
since 2015 till 2015 Lead vocal
Alex Grossi
Guitar, lib/muslib/membership_type_1
Taime Downe
lib/muslib/membership_type_1, Lead vocal
Keri Kelli
lib/muslib/membership_type_1, Guitar
Ryan Cook
lib/muslib/membership_type_1, Guitar

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