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1985 October / Present


For the first time ARIA established itself as a band by releasing their first album in autumn of 1985. The album sounded very professional and looked like nothing performed in the USSR before. The title of the masterpiece was modest but pretentious - "Megalomania".

The story began in 1984 when lead guitarist Vladimir Holstinin left a band called Alpha, which music was not tough enough for him. Wishing to form his on band he was soon followed by bass player Alik Granovsky and in the beginning of 1985 they meet Victor Vekshtein - the manager of VIA "Poyushiye Serdtsa" (VIA - the USSR-stage specific abbreviation standing for Vocal & Instrumental Ensemble; Poyushie Serdtsa can be translated as "Singing Hearts"). When Vekshtein heard first "metal" riffs he decided to became manager of the new band. Search for a vocalist didn't take much time. The first candidate was found suitable in all aspects. His name was Valery Kipelov. Shortly after that Vladimir Holstinin offers a name ARIA for the band. The name carried a kind of "hidden sense" cause all musicians and their fans began being called as "Arians" (aria nation people).

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Максим Удалов
since 1987 till 1988 Unknown
since 2002 Unknown
Сергей Попов
since 2002 Electric guitar
Александр Манякин
since 1988 till 2002 Drum set
Михаил Житняков
since 2011 Lead vocal
Артур Беркут
since 2002 till 2011 Lead vocal
Сергей Маврин
since 1987 till 1995 Unknown
Сергей Терентьев
since 1995 till 2002 Electric guitar
Андрей Большаков
since 1986 till 1987 Unknown
Игорь Молчанов
since 1986 till 1987 Drum set

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20 Mar 2019, 01:33
Ария - группа, которая несмотря на свою вторичность в плане музыки, множества плагиата и тд является одной из самых успешных и значимых среди российских рок-групп. В то время как большинство наших групп гораздо более легкие, Ария, наравне с Черным Обелиском, Мастером и тд как глоток свежего, тяжелого воздуха, с во многом прямолинейными текстами и музыкой. К тому же со множеством хитов.
25 Mar 2019, 17:16
Наша кавер-группа)) хотя может быть без них я бы не узнал о западном хеви. Сейчас конечно уже совсем шлак играют, первые 5-6 альбомов были ништяк
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