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09 Nov 1970


Susan Tedeschi (born 9 November 1970 in Boston, Massachusetts) is an American blues and soul musician who has received multiple Grammy Award nominations. She is known for her singing voice, guitar playing, and stage presence. Married to blues guitarist Derek Trucks, Tedeschi is also known for her current endeavor, Tedeschi Trucks Band (originally know as "Soul Stew Revival"), a conglomeration of The Derek Trucks Band and assorted other musicians.

The Susan Tedeschi Band began in 1994 and featured Tom Hambridge and Adrienne Hayes. In 1995 Tedeschi began playing guitar and honing her skills. In December that year she released Better Days to regional audiences. Record contracts were difficult to keep together; however, recording sessions from 1997 were acquired by Richard Rosenblatt, and the band was signed to Tone-Cool Records and Just Won't Burn was released in February 1998 to rave reviews from blues publications.

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