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Theory of a Deadman is a rock band from North Delta, British Columbia, Canada, formed in 2001, signed by Nickelback vocalist Chad Kroeger to 604 Records. The band also includes traits of other music styles, such as country, metal and more acoustic elements. The band's lead singer, Tyler Connolly, gave Chad Kroeger a demo tape of their music while at an after-show party. So far, they have a total of 4 top 10 hits on the Mainstream Rock Chart. The band also did the entire soundtrack for the video game, "Indigo Prophecy" / "Fahrenheit". Theory of a Deadman's fourth studio album, The Truth Is.. was released on July 12, 2011. The Truth Is... (I Lied About Everything) Songfacts reports it was inspired by the divorce that Tyler Connolly went through in 2010.

Current bandmembers:

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Dave Brenner
since 2001 Background vocals, Guitar
Dean Back
since 2001 Background vocals, Bass
Tyler Connolly
since 2001 Guitar, Lead vocal
Joey Dandeneau
since 2009 Background vocals, Drum set
Tim Hart
since 2001 till 2004 Drum set, Background vocals
Brent Fitz
since 2004 till 2007 Background vocals, Drum set
Robin Diaz
since 2007 till 2009 Background vocals, Drum set

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