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Aerosmith is a prominent American rock band. Three of its members, Steven Tyler, Joe Perry, and Tom Hamilton, first met in Sunapee, New Hampshire in the late 60s, but it wasn't until 1970, in Boston, Massachusetts, that the three decided to form a band together. Later, they met up with Joey Kramer (drums) and Brad Whitford (rhythm guitar). The band enjoyed major popularity throughout the 70s, making rock anthems such as "Dream On" and "Sweet Emotion", but they split from 1979-84 due to serious in-group arguments and substance abuse problems that contributed to their decline.

Producing a wide variety of tunes influenced both by the 60s hard rock legends as well as the bombastic rhythm and blues artists that the band loved, Joe Perry and Steven Tyler became known as the "toxic twins" due to their rambunctious live performances and nasty lifestyles. The Grateful Dead's Jerry Garcia reportedly said Aerosmith featured "the druggiest bunch of guys I've ever seen." Classics from their early area with much airplay also include 1974's "Same Old Song And Dance" and 1976's "Back In The Saddle", with 1973's "Dream On" being a concert favorite.

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Steven Tyler
since 1970 Percussion, Piano, Lead vocal, Harmonica
Tom Hamilton
since 1970 Background vocals, Bass
Joey Kramer
since 1970 Drum set, Percussion
Brad Whitford
since 1971 till 1981 Guitar, Background vocals
since 1984 Guitar, Background vocals
Joe Perry
since 1970 till 1979 Background vocals, Guitar
since 1984 Background vocals, Guitar
Jimmy Crespo
since 1979 till 1984 Guitar, Background vocals
Buck Johnson
since 2014 Keyboard
Rick Dufay
since 1981 till 1984 Guitar
Ray Tabano
since 1970 till 1971 Guitar
Rob Bailey
since 2009 till 2009 Guitar

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