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Reviews of Skid Row'1989 album

Skid Row

A. Melikhov
12 November

Skid Row released an incredibly powerful debut album, successfully combining a lot of elements on it, seemingly not very compatible and even opposite. Balancing on the verge of heavy and glam, heavy and commercial music, aggression and melodiousness, Skid Row took the bull by the horns in the very first album.1989, most glam bands took the path of lightening the sound, clouds of ballads and commercialization in general.Skid Row gave out a hurricane, uncompromising, moderately aggressive an album that stood out among glam bands.

Many songs became hits (the action movie Big Guns, the slow-paced I Remember You and the mid-tempo 18 and Life , which can be called a slow one too) and you can even say the anthem of the generation (Youth Gone Wild). One of the best albums to get acquainted with glam. And those who already know this album for sure know this album as one of the best in the genre.