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History Xtrunk

2003 January / Present

History Xtrunk

Since January 2003 evolving through a power metal sound with their alternative thrash/death lead singing, Gil, Errol, John, Fredd and Tay, find their own personal identity surfing on the music influences of each members of the band.

A raging lead vocal, powerful and melodic riffs supported by some bursting guitar solos are the main recipe of a praiseworthy metal band called XTRUNK.

It’s through 10 “long metal years” made of a lot of live performance and 2 released albums (“Dream Machine” and “Etherias”) under the name of MEDUSA that Gil (guitar, songwriter) and Errol (bass) later backed up by John (lead guitar) decided to form XTRUNK . More powerful and mostly influenced by some explosive but awesome band as PANTERA or TESTAMENT are.

As well, XTRUNK’s brand new front man Fredd (BLACKOUT’s former singer) came over with his skills of a great past live performance experience and brought XTRUNK a new powerful energy!

The band filled out his rhythm section by a drummer named TAY who did not hesitate to move from his home in Austria to join the band!

Made of spite and experience shaped into a box of creativity, XTRUNK through its newly released demo “All Comes To An End” let us catch a glimpse of their studio album expected the first quarter of the year 2007.

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