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1978 / Present


There is more than one artsit with this name:

V8 is, was and will be the most important heavy metal band in argentina, followed by Hermetica of course, another great band. V8 is the most influential band for many artists (V8 contribute a lot to Argentina's metal, and its artists)

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Ricardo Iorio
since 1979 till 1982 Lead vocal
since 1979 till 1987 Background vocals, Bass
Alberto Zamarbide
since 1982 till 1987 Lead vocal
since 1996 till 1996 Lead vocal
Gustavo Rowek
since 1981 till 1985 Drum set
since 1996 till 1996 Drum set
Osvaldo Civile
since 1982 till 1985 Electric guitar
since 1996 till 1996 Electric guitar
Miguel Roldán
since 1985 till 1987 Electric guitar
since 1996 till 1996 Electric bass guitar
since 1979 till 1982 Electric guitar
Adrián Cenci
since 1985 till 1987 Drum set
since 1983 till 1984 lib/muslib/membership_type_1, Electric guitar
Walter Giardino
since 1985 till 1985 Electric guitar

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