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The Sun Ra Arkestra is the name most commonly used for the current incarnation of Sun Ra's original band, now led by Marshall Allen.

Since 1954, Marshall Allen has been the ferocious core of the Arkestra. Under his direction, big band and swing are played to perfection and beyond. A master of both "inside" and "out," Allen steers the Arkestra to realize possibilities of future and past, always extending both, ever in cahoots with the alter-destiny. From “Medicine for a Nightmare” and “El Is a Sound of Joy” to “Astro Black” and “Enlightenment,” Arkestra performances are a ritual experiment.

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Pat Patrick
since 1954 till 1989 lib/muslib/membership_type_35, lib/muslib/membership_type_37
James Jacson
since 1963 till 1997 lib/muslib/membership_type_27, lib/muslib/membership_type_22, Percussion, lib/muslib/membership_type_19
Danny Ray Thompson
since 1967 till 1995 Unknown
since 2002 Unknown
Charles Davis
since 1955 Unknown
Marshall Allen
since 1958 Unknown
Eloe Omoe
since 1970 till 1989 lib/muslib/membership_type_22, lib/muslib/membership_type_19, lib/muslib/membership_type_25
Vincent Chancey
since 1976 Unknown
Michael Ray
since 1978 Unknown
Luqman Ali
since 1961 till 2007 Drum set
John Gilmore
since 1953 till 1995 lib/muslib/membership_type_36
Elson Nascimento
since 1987 Unknown
Tyrone Hill
since 1979 till 2007 lib/muslib/membership_type_46
Art Jenkins
since 1960 till 1970 Unknown
since 1988 till 2012 Unknown
Clifford Jarvis
since 1960 till 1983 Drum set
June Tyson
since 1970 till 1992 Unknown
Ahmed Abdullah
since 1975 till 1997 Unknown
Ronnie Boykins
since 1958 till 1974 Double bass
Rollo Radford
since 1982 till 1992 Unknown
since 1986 till 1995 Unknown
Robert Underwood
since 1972 till 1976 Drum set, Percussion
Ayé Aton
since 1972 till 1976 Percussion, Drum set
Akh Tal Ebah
since 1969 till 1977 lib/muslib/membership_type_47
Robert Cummings
since 1963 till 1971 Unknown
Ali Hassan
since 1962 till 1968 Unknown
Hayes Burnett
since 1976 till 1982 Unknown
Nimrod Hunt
since 1966 till 1971 Unknown
Richard Williams
since 1977 till 1981 Bass
Lucious Randolph
since 1957 till 1960 lib/muslib/membership_type_47
Hatty Randolph
since 1957 till 1958 Unknown
Everett Turner
since 1958 till 1959 lib/muslib/membership_type_47
Sun Ra
Danny Davis
Damon Choice

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