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Nevermore was an American metal band from Seattle, Washington, United States. Their precise musical style is debated by fans and critics alike. The band incorporates elements from styles such as doom, thrash, power, and progressive metal into their songs, and also makes use of acoustic guitars and a wide range of vocal styles.

They started in the beginning of the 1990s, when the band Sanctuary was pressured by its recording label to change its musical style, switching from heavy metal to grunge, which was obtaining mainstream success at the time due to bands such as Nirvana and Pearl Jam. Two members of the band, vocalist Warrel Dane and bassist Jim Sheppard, didn't agree with the change and thus proceeded to create a project of their own. Nevermore.

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Warrel Dane
since 1991 till 2011 Lead vocal
Jeff Loomis
since 1991 till 2011 Background vocals, Guitar
Jim Sheppard
since 1991 till 2011 Bass
Van Williams
since 1994 till 2011 Drum set
Steve Smyth
since 2002 till 2002 Guitar, Background vocals
since 2004 till 2007 Background vocals, Guitar
Mark Arrington
since 1991 till 1994 Drum set
Chris Broderick
since 2001 till 2003 Guitar
since 2006 till 2007 Guitar
Tim Calvert
since 1997 till 2000 Guitar
Curran Murphy
since 2000 till 2001 Guitar
since 2003 till 2004 Guitar
Attila Vörös
since 2010 till 2011 Guitar
Pat O'Brien
since 1996 till 1997 Guitar
Adam Gardner
since 1995 till 1996 Percussion
Tim Johnston
since 2007 till 2007 Bass
Dagna Silesia
since 2011 till 2011 Bass
James MacDonough
since 2006 till 2006 Bass

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