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Emerald Sun

1998 / Present
Greece Greece

Rating: 2.38

Band Emerald Sun



Thessaloniki, in the northeast of Greece, is the second biggest city of this country in which the enthusiasm for Heavy Metal is boundless. According to this, there are countless fans, clubs, magazines, and of course bands competing for local dominance. Rising from this concrete jungle in 1998: EMERALD SUN. The band had fought its way to the top of the local scene after performing numerous sweaty and impressive shows. In all those years a line-up sharing more than the mutual fondness for music had been consolidated. Singer Jimmy Santrazami, the two guitar players Teo Savage and Johnny Athanasiadi, bass player Fotis "Sheriff" Toumanides, keyboardist Jim Tsakirides and drummer B-Wicked proudly call each other real friends with the ambition to conquer the stages of this world.

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