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1995 August / Present

Rating: 2.38

Band Эпидемия



Epidemia, a fantasy-themed power metal band from Moscow, Russia, was founded by Yuri "Juron" Melisov in the mid '90s. For many years they have been a quite succesful club-playing band, known only in the metal community. They became more widely known after the release of their fourth album - a metal opera "Elven Manuscript", starring vocalists from famous Russian metal bands such as Aria, Black Obelisk, Arida Vortex, Bony NEM, Master. That made Epidemia the one of most popular metal bands in Russia, and their next album "Living in Twilight" became one of the best-selling metal albums in Russia. In 2007 "Elven Manuscript II: the Lore for All Times" came out.

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Илья "Lars" Мамонтов (bass guitar)
2004 April - 2009, 2009 - Present
Евгений Егоров (lead vocals)
2010 - Present
Максим Самосват (lead vocals)
2000 September - 2009
Илья Князев (bass guitar)
1998 September - 2005 December
Роман Валерьев (keyboard)
2000 - 2004
Павел Бушуев (guitars)
2000 - 2004 April
Роман Захаров (guitars)
1997 August - 2000
Павел Окунев (lead vocals)
1995 - 1999
Андрей Манько (guitars, background vocals)
1997 August
Артём Смирнов (bass guitar)

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