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Stratovarius is a power metal band from Finland. They became more popular in the '90s, and throughout their career have inspired upcoming power metal bands with their baroque arranged keyboard solos & Ritchie Blackmore-like guitar portions.

Stratovarius was founded in Finland in 1984 from former members of the band Black Water. They went through a number of personnel and musical changes before the band found its own voice. In 1984, the name was changed to Stratovarius (a portmanteau of Stratocaster and Stradivarius), an idea of Stråhlman's. By 1984, Timo Tolkki entered the band, replacing Stråhlman in the guitar. He took up the vocal duties as well. Tolkki became the driving force and mastermind of the band assuming almost complete control of the song writing. He brought along not only strong rock influences but also a neo-classical tinge. The band released a demo to various record companies by 1987, finally being picked up by CBS Finland. In 1989, their debut album Fright Night was released followed by two singles.

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Timo Kotipelto
since 1994 Unknown
Jörg Michael
since 1995 Unknown
Jens Johansson
since 1995 Unknown
Timo Tolkki
since 1985 till 2008 Unknown
Lauri Porra
since 2005 Unknown
Matias Kupiainen
since 2008 Unknown
Jari Kainulainen
since 1993 till 2005 Unknown
Rolf Pilve
since 2012 Drum set
Tuomo Lassila
since 1984 till 1995 Unknown
Antti Ikonen
since 1987 till 1995 Unknown
Jyrki Lentonen
since 1984 till 1989 Unknown
Staffan Stråhlman
since 1984 till 1985 Unknown
John Vihervä
since 1984 till 1984 Unknown

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