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1990 June / Present


My Dying Bride is a doom metal band formed in Bradford, West Yorkshire, England, UK. They are known for their slow yet extremely heavy riffs and remarkably morose poetic lyrics. Along with former Peaceville labelmates Anathema and Paradise Lost, My Dying Bride is one of the pioneering acts of the death doom metal movement in the early 1990s.

The initial formation consisted of vocalist Aaron Stainthorpe, guitarists Andrew Craighan and Calvin Robertshaw plus drummer Rick Miah, who founded the band in 1990. The band released the "Towards the Sinister" demo, noted for its complete absence of bass, recorded over two days in late November at Revolver Studios with Tim Walker manning the production desk. They followed this with the "God Is Alone" 7" single, restricted to 1000 copies, on the French Listenable label, again utilising both Tim Walker and Revolver Studios in May 1991. The band signed to budding Yorkshire label Peaceville Records to release the "Symphonaire Infernus et Spera Empyrum" EP in 1992, debuting new bassist Ade Jackson in the process.

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Aaron Stainthorpe
since 1990 Lead vocal
Andrew Craighan
since 1990 Electric guitar
Shaun MacGowan
since 2009 Violin, Keyboard
Calvin Robertshaw
since 1990 till 1999 Electric guitar
since 2014 till 2018 Electric guitar
Shaun Taylor‐Steels
since 1998 till 2006 Drum set
since 2017 till 2018 Drum set
Lena Abé
since 2007 Electric bass guitar
Rick Miah
since 1990 till 1997 Drum set
Martin Powell
since 1991 till 1998 Keyboard, Violin
Adrian Jackson
since 1991 till 2007 Electric bass guitar
Hamish Glencross
since 1999 till 2014 Electric guitar
Dan Mullins
since 2007 till 2017 Drum set
Sarah Stanton
since 2002 till 2008 Keyboard
Jeff Singer
since 2018 Drum set
Neil Blanchett
since 2019 Electric guitar
Katie Stone
since 2008 till 2009 Keyboard, Violin
Bill Law
since 1998 till 1998 Drum set

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