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2006 August / Present


Brazilian metal titans Max and Igor Cavalera have written and recorded new material together for the first time in twelve years, since their work in Sepultura.

Formed in the summer of 2007, Cavalera Conspiracy, is their new project and features the Cavalera brothers from Brazil, bassist Joe Duplantier from France (Band member of Gojira) and guitarist Marc Rizzo from the United States.

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Igor Cavalera
since 2006 Percussion, Drum set
Max Cavalera
since 2006 Guitar, Lead vocal
Marc Rizzo
since 2007 till 2008 Guitar
since 2007 Background vocals, Guitar
Johny Chow
since 2008 till 2012 Bass
since 2015 till 2016 Bass
Mike Leon
since 2017 till 2017 Guitar
since 2018 Bass
Nate Newton
since 2013 till 2015 lib/muslib/membership_type_461, Bass
Joe Duplantier
since 2007 till 2008 Guitar, Bass, lib/muslib/membership_type_461
Tony Campos
since 2012 till 2013 Bass
since 2014 till 2015 Bass
since 2016 till 2017 Bass
Greg Hall
since 2011 till 2011 Drum set
Zyon Cavalera
since 2011 till 2011 Drum set
Igor Cavalera Jr.
since 2011 till 2011 Guitar

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