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1969 / Present


This name is referred to several bands:

1) A British Jazz/Progressive Rock fusion band from The Seventies. Formed in 1969 by Dave Quincy (saxophone, flute), Dick Morrissey (saxophones) and Terry Smith (Guitar). With J.W. Hodgkinson on Vocals and Dennis Richardson on Drums, (later to join Foreigner).

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Dick Morrissey
since 1969 till 1975 Saxophone, lib/muslib/membership_type_27
Dave Quincy
since 1969 till 1973 lib/muslib/membership_type_23, lib/muslib/membership_type_27, Saxophone
Dennis Elliott
since 1969 till 1973 Drum set
Jimmy Richardson
since 1969 till 1973 Bass
Terry Smith
since 1969 till 1973 Guitar
J.W. Hodkinson
since 1969 till 1973 Lead vocal
John Mealing
since 1969 till 1972 Keyboard
Cliff Davies
since 1972 till 1975 Drum set
Dave Wintour
since 1972 till 1973 Background vocals, Bass, Acoustic guitar, Electric guitar
Lionel Grigson
since 1969 till 1969 Background vocals, Keyboard

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