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Wrath Passion

2007 July / Present
Norway Norway

Rating: 1.19

Band Wrath Passion



However you choose to define or perceive Black Metal, one thing is definite, unless there is a true understanding of the ethos that spawned the genre, then the modern day exponents can be nothing but pale imitations of those great bands that laid down the foundations. It is not enough to mouth obeisance to Satan and profess hatred towards humanity. You have to understand what that means. And what it does not mean is repeating the words and thoughts of others. It means walking the paths yourself, exploring and experiencing, until you arrive at your own conclusions. And when you have arrived, then you are ready to express those beliefs through your music in a manner that is yours, and yours alone. If that sound defies categorisation, then so much the better, because Black Metal always was, and always will be, about self-discovery, self-belief, and self-expression.

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