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1990 May / Present


Sigh is regarded by many as Japan's leading extreme metal export, having released numerous highly esteemed recordings throughout their twenty year existence. Although originally a black metal band, Sigh became recognizably eclectic, taking influence from Romantic era classical music, jazz, prog rock, dark electronica and more.

In May of 1990 three musicians attending the same college formed a band called Sigh. The lineup consisted of Mirai Kawashima on bass, vocals and keyboards, Satoshi Fujinami on guitar, and Kazuki Ozeki on percussion. The name Sigh felt appropriate, as a sigh can express a variety of emotions. Gathering influences from a variety of sources mainly rooted in 1980s thrash and first wave black metal, Sigh quickly shunned their earlier roots as a cover band and began to put together material for a demo to be released a month later. Desolation showed the band at its earliest, comprising of three songs that would be rerecorded later on.

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since 1990 till 2004 Bass
since 1990 Lead vocal, lib/muslib/membership_type_16, Percussion, Sampler, Keyboard, lib/muslib/membership_type_354
Dr. Mikannibal
since 2007 Lead vocal, Saxophone
since 1990 till 1992 Guitar
since 1990 till 2004 Drum set
since 2004 Bass
since 1992 till 2014 Guitar
since 2004 Drum set
You Oshima
since 2014 till 2022 Guitar
since 2022 Guitar
since 1990 till 1990 Drum set
Yasuyuki Suzuki
till 2004 Bass
since 2008 till 2008 Bass
since 2013 till 2013 Bass

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