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1987 December / Present


Сектор Газа ("Sektor Gaza", a Russian for "Gas Sector" and "Gaza Strip") was a well-known Russian punk rock band founded in 1987 in Voronezh. Apart from the band leader, Yuriy Nikolaevich Klinskikh (nicknamed Hoy), all other band members were replaced over time. The band's style of music can be described as melodic and experimental; the content varied from political songs to mystical songs about zombies and vampires, as well as interpretations of Russian folk songs and rock ballads.

The band's name is apparently a homage to their home town, Voronezh, which people also refer to as "gas chamber". In one of their earliest songs, the band claims that the town is so polluted that nobody ever reaches the age of 40. Indeed, Yuriy "Hoy" Klinskikh died at the age of 36 in 2000.

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Александр Якушев
since 1989 till 1997 Drum set
Вадим Глухов
since 1993 till 2000 Guitar
Алексей Ушаков
since 1989 till 1995 Keyboard
Игорь Аникеев
since 1995 till 2000 Keyboard
Семён Тетиевский
since 1988 till 1991 Bass
Игорь «Кущ» Кущев
since 1989 till 1991 Unknown
Владимир Лобанов
since 1991 till 1993 Guitar
Олег Крючков
since 1988 till 1990 Drum set

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