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1988 / Present


Korol i Shut ("King and Jester" in Russian; often abbreviated as "KISH") was a punk band from Russia. They took their inspiration and costumes from tales and fables.

KiSH was founded in 1988 in Leningrad by Gorshok (Mikhail Gorshenev) and his schoolmates. In 1990 Knyaz' (Andrey Kniazev) joined the band and invited its modern name. KISH remained an amateur underground band for many years, but with the release of their first album "Kamnem po golove" in 1996 they became well-known in the Russian rock community, and this popularity increased greatly in the next five years.

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07 Nov 2016, 14:32
Теперь поклонники рока будут в восторге от выступлений этой группы. Ведь впереди у них много интересных идей. Иногда просто интересно посмотреть их выступления., на их грим и костюмы.
07 Nov 2016, 15:46
Я вырос на песнях группы Король и Шут, да и сейчас люблю их послушать. Ребята просто молодцы.
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