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1984 / Present


Blind Guardian is a German speed metal/power metal band from Krefeld, Germany. They are credited as being among the most influential artists of the genre. While early Blind Guardian belongs to speed metal style, in later releases the band has moved towards epic power metal.

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André Olbrich
since 1987 Guitar, Background vocals
Marcus Siepen
since 1987 Background vocals, Guitar
Hansi Kürsch
since 1987 till 1995 Bass
since 1987 Lead vocal
Frederik Ehmke
since 2005 lib/muslib/membership_type_27, Percussion, Drum set, lib/muslib/membership_type_18
Thomen Stauch
since 1987 till 2005 Percussion, Drum set
Oliver Holzwarth
since 1997 till 2011 Bass
Barend Courbois
since 2011 Bass

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