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Dååth (a.k.a. Daath, or often stylized as DÅÅTH) and formerly known as Dirtnap (or Dirt Nap), is a metal band hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, United States. Their music incorporates styles such as thrash metal, groove metal, melodic death metal, industrial metal and elements of progressive metal. Dååth was started by Eyal Levi (guitar), Michael Kameron (vocals, keyboard) and Sean Farberin in 2003, who had been playing in bands since they were in high-school. The three friends attended the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston, but eventually left school to concentrate full-time on their musical endeavours.

Dååth (pronounced /ˈdɑːθ/) is a Hebrew word meaning "knowledge", referring to a knowledge not regularly attained by the masses, according to keyboardist and conceptualist Michael Kameron: "On a mental level, Dååth acts as a doorway between instinct and intellect, and in our opinion the struggle between those two aspects of mind is what causes most of the ills in this world." Despite its religious meaning, the name does not imply the religious beliefs of the band.


Eyal Levi
till 2013 Keyboard
since 2003 Guitar
Emil Werstler
since 2003 till 2022 Electric guitar
Jeremy Creamer
since 2004 till 2022 Electric bass guitar
Kevin Talley
since 2006 till 2022 Drum set
Sean Zatorsky
since 2008 Lead vocal
Mike Kameron
since 2003 till 2008 Keyboard
Jesse Zuretti
since 2022 Keyboard, Electric guitar
Sean Farber
since 2005 till 2007 Lead vocal
Eric Sanders
since 2003 till 2004 Drum set
Kris Dale
since 2003 till 2004 Electric bass guitar
since 2023 Drum set
Matt Ellis
since 2004 till 2005 Drum set
Dave Marvuglio
since 2023 Electric bass guitar
Corey Brewer
since 2004 till 2004 Drum set
Sam Cuadra
since 2004 till 2004 Electric guitar

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