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The 5th Plateau

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Band The 5th Plateau



The 5th plateau is an improvisational & instrumental garage band in Austin, TX that plays experimental, psychedelic noise-rock/jazz ranging from spacey to spastic. The group gradually took shape in 2004 after highschool friends Greg Nelson (guitar), Doug Germany (guitar), & Ryne Worthington (drums) began jamming together, having only begun playing their instruments less than a year prior, self taught. Refusing to ever conform to any set style, structure, or key, their signature sound is often an ever-shifting, organic-like 'stream of consciousness' type collaboration evoking shamanic journeys and tripped out vision quests. Influenced heavily by their initial love for the over-the-counter entheogen DXM & many 'research chemical' experiments & experiences together, they're truly a unique listen with a lot of chemistry, high energy, and strange vibrations.

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