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Terry Hoax

1988 / Present
Germany Germany
Band Terry Hoax

Rating: 2.38

History Terry Hoax

The band was founded in Hannover/Germany in 1991 and split in 1996.

They played two one-off reunion concerts (on two successive nights) in 2005, as well as a series of concerts in 2008, supporting fellow Hannover band Fury in the Slaughterhouse on their farewell-tour.

At these 2008 concerts and on the band's newly created official MySpace presence, Terry Hoax confirmed a new album, which was subsequently released as Band Of The Day in October 2009, with an accompanying tour.


Hachy M. Hachmeister - drums, percussion

Oliver Perau - vocal

Armin Treptau - bass

Marcus Wichary - guitar; background vocals

Martin Wichary - guitar; background vocal

Lutz Krajenski - beyboards (since 1995)


Life in times of... (1991)

Freedom Circus (1992)

Splinterproof (1994)

Den Kindern geht es gut, und sie lassen grüßen (1995)

Happy Times - Live (1996)

Best of - Life in Times after Terry Hoax (2001)


Studio Album