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XTC were a rock band from Swindon, England led by Andy Partridge (guitars, vocals) and Colin Moulding (bass, vocals). Active between the late 1970s and the mid 2000s, XTC's music ranged from jerky new wave/punk riffs to lushly-arranged progressive pop. They also drew heavily from vintage pop rock and psychedelia from the 1960s, genres which they began to explore more deeply after creating The Dukes of Stratosphear side-project. While XTC failed to maintain significant commercial success after the 1980s, they have earned a devoted cult following, influencing many alternative and indie musicians.

First coming together in 1972, the core duo of Partridge and Moulding went through numerous band names (including The Helium Kidz and Star Park) over the next five years. Drawing influence from the New York Dolls and the emerging New York punk scene, they played glam rock with homemade costumes and slowly built up a following. Drummer Terry Chambers joined in 1973. Keyboard player Barry Andrews followed in 1976, and the band finally settled on a name: XTC. By this time, the punk rock movement was in full swing, and XTC had found their style, a unique brand of hyperactive pop mixed with funk, punk, ska, reggae, and art rock.

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Dave Gregory
since 1979 till 1999 Unknown
Terry Chambers
since 1976 till 1983 Unknown
Barry Andrews
till 1978 Unknown

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