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06 Aug 1952


Ton Scherpenzeel is commonly known as keyboardist, composer, producer, lyricist and arranger for Dutch prog/art/symfo band Kayak, starting out in 1972 and still active today. Ton's musical background is piano and (double) bass. He has also been playing keyboards in bands like Camel and Earth & Fire. The majority of Ton's musical output nevertheless has and can still be heard in (mostly) Dutch theatre productions, the most (nationally) famous being the legendary performer Youp van 't Hek. Much of the music Ton wrote has been released on CD, but can seldom be found in any record stores, as most of these albums were only sold while the music's show was still running.

Member of

since 1972
Earth and Fire
since 1987 till 1990 Unknown
since 1984 till 1984 Unknown

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