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1985 / Present


Shadow Gallery is a five-piece progressive metal band formed in Pennsylvania in 1985. Their name is taken from the graphic novel V for Vendetta by Alan Moore. They have a reputation among fans for complex song structures and virtuoso musicianship and have been compared to contemporaries Dream Theater and Queensrÿche.

Vocalist Mike Baker, only 45 years old, passed away on October 29, 2008 of a heart attack.

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Carl Cadden-James
since 1985 Lead vocal, Electric bass guitar
Gary Wehrkamp
since 1993 Keyboard, Electric guitar
Brian Ashland
since 2009 Keyboard, Lead vocal, Electric guitar
Brendt Allman
since 1985 Electric guitar
Joe Nevolo
since 1997 Drum set
Mike Baker
since 1985 till 2008
Chris Ingles
since 1985 till 2005 Keyboard
Kevin Soffera
since 1994 till 1996 Drum set

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