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1987 / Present


Porcupine Tree is a British rock band formed in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom in 1987. During the course of the band's history, it has at times incorporated psychedelic rock, alternative, ambient, electronic, and, most recently, metal and post-rock into its unique style of progressive rock.

Porcupine Tree started out as a "fake" band, the only real member being multi-instrumentalist Steven Wilson. Wilson's first two releases, Tarquin's Seaweed Farm (1989) and The Nostalgia Factory (1990), were both released on cassette tapes. In addition to the band's trademark psychedelic sound, these two tapes also contained heavy ambient and pop influences. Wilson's favorite tracks were then compiled into the CD On the Sunday of Life... (1991), while the more ambient-leaning tracks were also collected in Yellow Hedgerow Dreamscape (1994). The first of these two featured many new versions of songs.

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Steven Wilson
since 1987
Richard Barbieri
since 1993 Unknown
Gavin Harrison
since 2002 Unknown
Colin Edwin
since 1993 till 2010 Unknown
Chris Maitland
since 1993 till 2002 Unknown

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