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Biography Ben Gillies

24 Oct 1979

Biography Ben Gillies

Bento is the new musical offering for Ben Gillies, best known as the co-founder and drummer of rock band Silverchair. Stepping out from behind the drumkit and into the role of front-man and multi-instrumentalist, Gillies announced the formal launch of Bento in September 2012 with the release of the single Diamond Days. Bento's debut album, also entitled Diamond Days was released on October 26 to strong praise from fans and press. The album was co-produced by Ben and Eric J Dubowsky [Faker, Art Vs. Science], and features a revolving cast of Gillies' musical friends throughout, including Papa Vs Pretty’s Thomas Rawle, Scott Alpin (Silverchair, The Voice) and Dave Symes (Missy Higgins), adding to the 'collective' vibe of the Bento project. Blurring the line between music and art, limited edition prints for each song on the Diamond Days album were created by Gillies and Sydney artist Aaron Kinnane and were available for sale via the official online store.

2. Bento is also the reencarnation of J Dill. This time born in Ilha do Governador, north zone of Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. The 20 year old beat maker creates beats from sampling and using the color yellow as reference. His first selftitled release just out cam thru Beatwise Recordings, give it a try:

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