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Stereophonics are a Welsh rock band, formed in 1992 in Cwmaman, Wales, United Kingdom, by friends Kelly Jones (guitar/vocals), Stuart Cable (drums; died 2010) and Richard Jones (bass) but no relation to Kelly. Colloquially known to their fans as the 'Phonics or the Stereos, in the years preceding their popularity, they went through shifting line-ups and were known by a variety of names including "KDR", "Zephyr", "Silent Runner", "Blind Faith" and their most widely known pre-Phonics moniker "Tragic Love Company," taking one word from each member's favourite band (The Tragically Hip, Mother Love Bone, and Bad Company). The band's official current line-up is Kelly Jones, Richard Jones, Javier Weyler and Adam Zindani.

Tragic Love Company had started out as a 4-piece band playing covers and original songs that had a blues vibe. After various fourth members, including childhood friend Simon Collier, left, the band decided to stick to being a 3-piece, ditching the blues for an edgier, punk sound which would translate better when played live. The band played up and down the country playing shows which ranged from less than 10 people to packing hundreds into small venues the length of the M4. It wasn't until John Brand took over as their manager in 1996 that the music industry started to take interest in the band. The name Tragic Love Company was decidely dropped for being too long-winded, and after Stuart saw the lettering on his father's radiogram, they adopted the name 'The Stereophonics', before quickly dropping the 'The' to simply Stereophonics. On August 1st, 1996 they became the first band to be signed to Richard Branson's new label V2.

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Kelly Jones
since 1996 Lead vocal, Guitar
Richard Jones
since 1996 Bass
Adam Zindani
since 2007 Guitar
Javier Weyler
since 2004 till 2012 Drum set
Stuart Cable
since 1996 till 2003 Drum set

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