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1996 / Present


Nonpoint is a hard rock / nu metal band from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, formed in January 1998 by vocalist Elias Soriano, bassist Kenneth "KB" Charman and drummer Robb Rivera.

The band created a name for itself in the burgeoning South Florida metal scene of the mid-late '90s. Other notable bands to emerge included Puya, Endo, Darwin's Waiting Room, Lost and The Groovenics.

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Elias Soriano
since 1997 Lead vocal
Ken MacMillan
since 1997 till 2011 Background vocals, Bass
Kenneth Charman
since 2007 till 2011 Background vocals
since 1997 till 2011 Bass
Rasheed Thomas
since 2011 Background vocals, Guitar
Andrew Goldman
since 1998 till 2008 Background vocals, Guitar
since 1997 till 2008 Background vocals, Guitar
Robb Rivera
since 1997 Drum set
Adam Woloszyn
since 2011 Bass
B.C. Kochmit
since 2014 till 2019 Guitar
Dave Lizzio
since 2011 till 2014 Guitar
Zach Broderick
since 2008 till 2011 Guitar
Samuel Salinas
since 1997 till 1998 Guitar

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