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1976 / Present


Accept is a German heavy metal band from the town of Solingen, originally assembled in the early 1970s by Udo Dirkschneider. They played an important role in the development of speed metal and Teutonic thrash metal, being part of the German heavy/speed/power metal scene to emerge in the early to mid 80s along with bands such as Helloween, Running Wild, Grave Digger, Sinner, and Rage. The band's 1983 album, 'Balls to the Wall', subsequently became their most successful release, featuring its well-known hit of the same title.

Early years (1976-1982)

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Wolf Hoffmann
since 1976 Guitar
Udo Dirkschneider
since 1976 till 1987 Lead vocal
since 1992 till 1996 Lead vocal
since 2005 till 2005 Lead vocal
Peter Baltes
since 1976 till 1987 Bass
since 1992 till 1997 Bass
since 2005 till 2005 Bass
since 2009 till 2018 Bass
Stefan Schwarzmann
since 1994 till 1995 Drum set
since 2005 Drum set
Mark Tornillo
since 2009 Lead vocal
Stefan Kaufmann
since 1980 till 1994 Drum set
Herman Frank
since 1982 till 1984 Guitar
since 2005 till 2014 Guitar
Christopher Williams
since 2015 Drum set
Jörg Fischer
since 1978 till 1982 Guitar
since 1984 till 1988 Guitar
Gerhard Wahl
since 1976 till 1979 Guitar
Frank Friedrich
since 1976 till 1979 Drum set
Michael Cartellone
since 1995 till 1997 Drum set
Rob Armitage
since 1987 till 1988 Lead vocal
David Reece
since 1988 till 1989 Lead vocal
Dieter Rubach
since 1976 till 1976 Bass
Jan Koemmet
since 1982 till 1982 Guitar
Michael Wagener
since 1976 till 1976 Guitar
Jim Stacey
since 1989 till 1989 Guitar
Ken Mary
since 1989 till 1989 Drum set
Michael White
since 1987 till 1987 Lead vocal

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25 Mar 2019, 17:10
Нынешние Ассепт, без Удо, уже не то, а была топовая группа. Немцы вообще плохих групп не имеют))
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