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The Gregg Allman Band, also known as Gregg Allman & Friends, is a rock/blues group that Gregg Allman leads during quiet times for the Allman Brothers Band.

Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Famer GREGG ALLMAN is both a founding member of one of the biggest and most important American bands of all time, the still-active and thriving Allman Brothers Band, and a critically acclaimed solo talent. A natural artist gifted with a beautifully soulful and distinctive voice as well as brilliant keyboard and guitar expertise, Allman is a legendary performer who, more than 30 years down the road, still loves making music as much as ever. The current GREGG ALLMAN band lineup performing in 2007 is: BRUCE KATZ (keyboard), JERRY JEMMOTT (bass), STEVE POTTS (drums), MARK McGEE (guitar), JAY COLLINS (sax) and FLOYD MILES (percussion).

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