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Solitude Aeturnus is a seminal American epic doom metal band, formed in 1987. Their sound is heavily influenced by Swedish legends Candlemass as well as more eclectic sources, such as prog innovators Fates Warning. They have released six albums and appeared on nine compilations since 1991. Their vocalist Rob Lowe has recently joined forces with Candlemass, replacing Messiah Marcolin, but will continue with Solitude Aeturnus as well. Former bassist Lyle Steadham is now guitarist and lead vocalist for the horrorpunk / psychobilly band Ghoultown.

As of June 2012, Rob Lowe is no longer a member of Candlemas.

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John Perez
since 1987 Unknown
Robert Lowe
since 1989 Lead vocal
Steve Moseley
since 1998 till 2004 Bass
since 2004 Guitar
Steve Nichols
since 2005 Drum set
James Martin
since 2005 Bass
John Covington
since 1990 till 2005 Drum set
Edgar Rivera
since 1988 till 1998 Guitar
Lyle Steadham
since 1988 till 1989 Drum set
since 1989 till 1996 Bass
Kris Gabehardt
since 1987 till 1988 Lead vocal

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