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1989 / Present


Dark Tranquillity were formed in Gothenburg, Sweden in 1989 by Mikael Stanne and Niklas Sundin as Septic Broiler before changing their name in 1991. They are considered to be one of the earliest pioneers of the Gothenburg melodic death metal style.

They have kept a mostly consistent line-up. Anders Jivarp has played drums since joining the band shortly after its formation, with Anders Fridén and Martin Henriksson. Rhythm guitarist Mikael Stanne switched to vocals after Anders Fridén's departure. When his predecessor Fredrik Johansson left in 1998, bassist Martin Henriksson took up guitar duties and Michael Nicklasson came in on bass shortly before the recording of Haven. They also added "electronics" man Martin Brändström at this time. Michael Niklasson left the band on 23rd of August, 2008 and was briefly replaced by former Soilwork member Daniel Antonsson, who left in 2013 shortly before the recording of Construct. On 31st of March, 2016 it was announced on the band's Facebook page that Martin Henriksson had left the band.

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Mikael Stanne
since 1989 Lead vocal, Guitar
Anders Jivarp
since 1989 till 2021 Drum set
Niklas Sundin
since 1989 till 2020 Guitar
Martin Henriksson
since 1989 till 2016 Guitar, Bass
Martin Brändström
since 1998 Keyboard, Synthesizer
Michael Nicklasson
since 1998 till 2008 Bass
Christopher Amott
since 2017 till 2020 Guitar
since 2020 Guitar
Johan Reinholdz
since 2017 till 2020 Guitar
since 2020 Guitar
Fredrik Johansson
since 1993 till 1998 Guitar
Anders Iwers
since 2016 till 2021 Bass
Daniel Antonsson
since 2008 till 2013 Bass
Anders Fridén
since 1989 till 1993 Lead vocal
Joakim Strandberg‐Nilsson
since 2021 Drum set
Christian Jansson
since 2021 Bass
Robin Engström
since 2001 till 2001 Drum set

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