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Boogie music-inspired hard rockers Foghat started off as an idea held by musicians Roger Earl and Lonesome Dave Peverett when they first toured America in the late-60s as members of the seminal British band Savoy Brown. The two of them playing alongside guitarist Kim Simmonds, Savoy Brown was on the cutting edge of the massive British blues rock scene, and they influenced countless musicians on both sides of the Atlantic. In 1971, wanting to give a more slick, rock n roll flavor to the boogie music they were playing with said group, Dave and Roger enlisted lead/slide guitarist Rod Price and bassist Tony Stevens to create a new band. According to Songfacts, Foghat got their name from when Peverett played a Scrabble-like game with his brother and just made up a word on the spot to suit his letters. Peverett convinced the band to go with it instead of Brandywine.

Signed by rock impresario Albert Grossman to Bearsville Records in 1971, the band recorded their first LP, titled simply 'Foghat', and began touring relentlessly for the next fourteen years. Becoming one of the biggest hard rock bands of the 70s, their hard work has thus far been rewarded with seven gold records, one platinum record (1975's 'Fool For The City'), and one double-platinum record (1977's 'Foghat Live'). 'Fool For The City' brought the world Foghat’s signature song "Slow Ride", an iconic Top 40 hit, and cemented their place as one of the world’s top boogie / blues acts of the era. They continued to hit the charts in the 70s again and again with singles such as "Fool for the City", "Drivin' Wheel", "I Just Wanna Make Love to You", "I’ll Be Standing By", "Stone Blue", "Third Time Lucky" and "Somebody's Been Sleeping in My Bed"; many of which are still classic rock radio staples.

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Roger Earl
since 1971
Dave Peverett
since 1971 till 1984
since 1993 till 2000 Unknown
Rod Price
since 1971 till 1981
since 1993 till 1999 Unknown
Bryan Bassett
since 1999 Unknown
Charlie Huhn
since 2000 Unknown
Craig MacGregor
since 1976 till 1982 Bass
since 1984 till 1987 Bass
since 1991 till 1992 Bass
since 2005 till 2018 Bass
Tony Stevens
since 1971 till 1975
since 1993 till 2005 Unknown
Erik Cartwright
since 1981 till 1993 Unknown
Jeff Howell
since 1987 till 1991 Unknown
Eric Burgeson
since 1986 till 1989 Unknown
Billy Davis
since 1990 till 1993 Unknown
Brett Cartwright
since 1987 till 1989 Unknown
Nick Jameson
since 1975 till 1976 Unknown
since 1982 till 1983 Unknown
Rob Alter
since 1983 till 1984 Unknown
Phil Nudelman
since 1989 till 1990 Unknown
Dave Crigger
since 1992 till 1993 Unknown
Kenny Aaronson
since 1983 till 1983 Unknown

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