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1985 / Present


Sarcófago was an extreme metal band who formed in 1985, in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, by Antichrist (vocals), Incubus (bass), Butcher (guitars) and D.D.Crazy (drums). Wagner "Antichrist" Lamounier, former vocalist, joined the band right after his departure from the well-known Brazilian death/thrash metal act Sepultura. Sarcófago were one of the pioneers of black metal and one of the most influential 80's black metal bands. They have been quoted as influences by such icons of Norwegian black metal as Euronymous (Mayhem) and Satyr (Satyricon)

The band's first appearance was on the Warfare Noise I compilation in 1986, together with Mutilator, Chakal and Holocausto.

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