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Yes is a British progressive rock band which formed in London, United Kingdom in 1968. They are best known for 1970's "I've Seen All Good People", the 1972 9-minute US Top 20 smash "Roundabout" and their 1983 #1 hit "Owner of a Lonely Heart". Despite many lineup changes, occasional splits and the influence of the many changes in popular music, the band has endured for 40 years and still retains a strong international following. Their music is marked by sharp dynamic contrasts, lush harmonies, often extended song lengths and a general showcasing of members' instrumental prowess. Arguably one of the most musically ambitious bands of their genre, Yes manages to use symphonic and other so-called "classical" structures with their own blend of musical styles - including some innovations - in a happy constructive "marriage" of music.

The original line-up consisted of Jon Anderson (vocals), Chris Squire (bass, vocals), Peter Banks (guitar, vocals), Tony Kaye (keyboards), and Bill Bruford (drums). Personnel changes brought musicians Steve Howe and Rick Wakeman into the group in 1970 and 1971 respectively. Steve Howe appears on the cover of Time and a Word, even though soon-to-be-ousted Pete Banks is the guitarist on the album. Alan White then replaced Bill Bruford in 1972. These changes had arguably the biggest influence on their music and subsequent success. The early 1970's saw Yes as one of the few influential mainstream progressive acts.

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Chris Squire
since 1968 till 2015 Bass
Alan White
since 1972 till 2022 Drum set
Jon Anderson
since 1968 till 1979 Lead vocal
since 1983 till 1988 Lead vocal
since 1991 till 2008 Lead vocal
Steve Howe
since 1970 till 1981 Guitar
since 1991 till 1992 Guitar
since 1996 Guitar
Geoff Downes
since 1980 till 1981 Unknown
since 2011 Unknown
Trevor Rabin
since 1983 till 1995 Unknown
Jon Davison
since 2012 Lead vocal
Tony Kaye
since 1968 till 1971 Keyboard
since 1983 till 1995 Unknown
Bill Bruford
since 1968 till 1972 Drum set
since 1991 till 1992 Drum set
Rick Wakeman
since 1971 till 1974 Keyboard
since 1976 till 1979 Keyboard
since 1990 till 1992 Keyboard
since 1996 till 1997 Keyboard
since 2002 till 2004 Keyboard
Benoît David
since 2008 till 2012 Lead vocal
Peter Banks
since 1968 till 1970 Guitar
Billy Sherwood
since 1997 till 2000 Unknown
Igor Khoroshev
since 1998 till 2000 Unknown
Patrick Moraz
since 1974 till 1976 Unknown
Trevor Horn
since 1980 till 1981 Lead vocal
Jay Schellen
since 2023 Unknown
Tom Brislin
since 2001 till 2001 Keyboard

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